The lawyers of Worth, Longworth & London, LLP have represented New York law enforcement in many high-profile criminal cases over the course of more than ten years.  Here is a sampling of some noteworthy results.

Amadou Diallo shooting

State Supreme Court, Albany

Four plainclothes officers of the New York City Police Department's (NYPD's) elite Street Crime Unit were patrolling in the Bronx, looking for a suspect alleged to have committed rapes, robbery, and murder.  Believing that Mr. Diallo was threatening them with a gun, the officers shot and killed him.  The officers were charged with second-degree murder.  Defense witness Dr. James Fyfe, an expert in police training, testified that the officers had practiced textbook policing that night.  The jury decided the policemen had reasonably thought Diallo was armed and had fired in self-defense.  It found them not guilty.

Manslaughter alleged in shooting death

State Supreme Court, Manhattan

The jury trial of Officer Bryan Conroy, who was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of Ousmane Zongo, a 43-year-old immigrant from West Africa, ended in a mistrial.  Jurors were convinced that there was reasonable doubt.

Three officers charged with police brutality

State Supreme Court, Brooklyn

A Brooklyn jury found three police officers not guilty of abusing suspect Michael Mineo in the Prospect Park subway station during a 2008 arrest.  The acquittal of the officer charged with assault made charges that his partner and another officer helped cover up the abuse irrelevant.  "I'll finally get a good night's sleep," Officer Kern said after the verdict was read. "I'm glad the system works."

NYPD officer accused of rape

State Supreme Court, Manhattan

A rookie NYPD officer, accused of raping a Georgia hairdresser while off duty, was acquitted by a jury after a nine-day trial.  Defense lawyer Stuart London said of the verdict that Johnson was "thrilled he's been exonerated and can move on with his life."

Two police officers not indicted in Sean Bell case

Grand Jury, Queens

A grand jury indicted three of the five NYPD officers involved in a 50-shot barrage in November that killed Sean Bell, an unarmed groom on his wedding day, and wounded two friends—a case that ignited outrage around New York and prompted accusations of racism against the NYPD.  Worth, Longworth & London, LLP represented only the other two officers present the night of the shooting—Paul Headley, who fired one round, and Michael Carey, who fired three.  Those officers were not indicted.

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